Melissa D’Antonio (Fingleton)


MSocSc Social Work, BSocSc.


Melissa currently works as an Advocate Guardian at the Office of the Public Advocate and at a youth mental health counselling service in Melbourne, Australia.


Melissa has been a Social Worker for the past 8+ years. She trained at University College Dublin (UCD) in Dublin Ireland where she is originally from.

Since becoming qualified as a Social Worker she has practised Social Work in Melbourne and has worked in Child Protection, as a Clinical Advisor in the Magistrates and Children’s Court of Victoria; also as a Medical Social Work where she worked for 4 years in the Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) and Neurology wards.

She has a keen interest in the area of ABI and undertook some research for Melbourne University. Melissa has specialised as a grief and bereavement counsellor with the Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement. Prior to training as Social Worker, Melissa worked in the area of disability in Ireland.


Melissa was recently appointed as an Executive Member of INSWABI in May 2016 and flew to Singapore for her first committee meeting. She attended the International Conference for Social Work in Health and Mental Health in June 2016. Melissa is assisting with coordinating the development of the INSWABI website.