Benefits of INSWABI membership:

1. Free membership.

2. Easy access to a ‘virtual group’.

3. Emailed copies of Progress Reports twice a year.

4. Opportunities to consult with INSWABI members about clinical questions or service issues relating to Social Work practice in ABI.

5. Access to the INSWABI website page that has resources including conference presentations on a wide range of topics relating to Social Work in ABI.

6. Being informed about the latest resources, programs and research being developed and undertaken by Social Workers in ABI around the world.

7. Availability of support for conference presentations on issues related to Social Work in ABI.

8. Opportunities to enhance and develop Social Work practice skills and knowledge for Social Workers in the acquired brain injury field.

9. Support and information for Social Workers coming into the field of ABI and working within it at all levels.

10. Opportunity to raise standards in Social Work in ABI locally, nationally and internationally.

11. Encouragement for Social Work professionals to gain information about resources globally and to set up exchanges and visits to other services.

12. Opportunities to collaborate on research matters.

13. Opportunities to work collectively on projects and activities related to Social Work practice in ABI.

14. Scope to develop interdisciplinary work in ABI across different settings through membership connections.

15. Platform for strategic international work, to participate in the wider debate on Social Work in the global arena.

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