Marie Matérne


MSocSc Social Work, BSocSc


Marie currently works 50% as a Business Developer at Habilitation and Assistive Technology and the other 50% as a PhD-Student at University Health Care Research Centre and Örebro University, Sweden.


Marie started her career as an Assistant Nurse in the late 80s in a private rehabilitation clinic. She became a Social Worker in the early 90s and started to work in a tax founded rehabilitation clinic.

In the mid 90s she became in charge of an organisation that provided personal assistance for people with disabilities according to the Swedish law.

Between 2006 and 2013 she worked as a Head of an Adult Habilitation Centre with multidisciplinary teams that provided rehabilitation for people with brain injury, mental retardation, neuropsychiatric disorders and other major physical impairments.

In 2013 Marie became a part-time Doctoral student. Her subject is about return to work after acquired brain injury. The other time, she works as a Business Developer for Habilitation and Assistive Technology at Region Örebro County.

This area involves eight businesses; Child and Youth Habilitation, Adult Habilitation, Interpreter Centre, Low Vision Centre, Technical Aid Centre, Department of Prosthetic and Orthotics, Audiology Centre and Family Counselling. In this work, she is helping the businesses with different kind of projects including quality, patient safety and follow-up assignments.


In June 2016 Marie was appointed as an Executive Member of INSWABI.