Elango Arumugam

Organisation: Senior Social Worker in Dr. Mary Vergesh Institute of Rehabilitation, Vellore, India, run by Christian Medical College, Hospital.  

Career: Elango began his career in 1987 with physically challenged children living in slums of Vellore town and later in 1990, he joined this Institute.

Now, he works with Acquired Brain Injury and Spinal Cord Injury, mainly concentrating on socio-vocational rehabilitation, individual and family counselling and their follow up through their life.

Follow up Services: We do follow up services for their better community reintegration and keep their health better through individual and team home visits. We promote networking among these groups to support each other.

Teaching Services: My experience in this field helps me to teach Sociology & Social Work subjects for students of Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Prosthetics & Orthotics and Social work.

Research, Publications & Membership: I have involved in publication of various research articles and preparation of guidelines for care of persons with Spinal cord injury in the community Published by WHO (www.whoindia.org).  Now I have involved in preparing a guidelines for the care of People with Brain Injured in the community to be published by WHO.

Involvement with INSWABI: I have been a member from the inception of INSWABI and functioning as an Executive member. I visited Liverpool Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit, Sdyney through the support of Dr.Grahame Simpson learned serivices of social workers braini injury group in 2011 after my enrollment in INSWABI.  It was a great experience and received personal guidance from Dr. Grahame Simpson.  I too got a chance to share my experience among the members of social work forum in Liverpool and other centres in Sydney.