Thomas Strandberg



Master of Social Science with a Major in Social Work; PhD in Disability Research.



Thomas currently work as a Senior Lecturer at Örebro University and Head of School at the School of Law, Psychology and Social Work at Örebro University, Sweden.



Thomas Strandberg, Social worker and PhD in disability research is employed as a Senior lecturer at Örebro University, Sweden and engaged as a research fellow at the Swedish Institute for Disability Research (SIDR).

His working experiences are various and mostly from the area of social work and teaching. As a social worker he gained experience working as a director of different group dwellings for people with intellectual disabilities and as a care manager of elderly people in residential care. As a teacher, his experiences are from upper secondary school, from the health care programme where he taught in social care and social work.

When he became a doctoral candidate in 2001, he began to teach at undergraduate level mostly in subjects close to social sciences, for example: social work, disability research, caring science, gerontology, management, leadership and in qualitative research methods.

As a researcher, his primary interest is in disability studies, with a focus on brain injuries and the rehabilitation process and social care, with an emphasis on qualitative research theory and methods. His postgraduate study focused on acquired traumatic brain injury (ABI), the changeover process and consequences in everyday life when an adult acquired a head trauma.

At present, his research project is to study the rehabilitation process that facilitates the return to work after ABI. He has also gained experience as a research supervisor within the SIDR.

Thomas Strandberg has experience as a teacher/lecturer at different levels during a period of almost 20 years. He also has experience as a course administrator and as a director of studies and as a research fellow. His teaching proficiency is broad, from planning, constructing examinations and assignments, lecturing and tutoring to evaluation and feedback.



Thomas was appointed as an Executive Member of INSWABI in 2006 when it was established during the Conference for Social Work in Health and Mental Health in Hong Kong, December 2006.

After that he has participate at the committee meeting, in Dublin 2010, and at the web-meetings every year. Thomas is assisting with the web-platform “Adobe Connect” that facilitate the web-meetings.

Thomas stepped down as an Executive Member in 2016, when Marie Matérne became a new Executive Member of INSWABI.