Denise Young

Qualifications: BSW, MSW (Coursework)

Organisation: Mid Western Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program (MWBIRP), a community service within Bathurst Hospital and Western NSW Local Health District.

Brief Biography: Denise has been a social worker since 1977 after graduating from the University of New South Wales in Sydney.  Denise had a primary interest in community social work and spent several years working in geographic communities in new housing estates on the outskirts of Hobart (Tasmania) and Sutherland (NSW).  The focus of these positions was linking people, identifying needs and finding ways to address these needs (particularly through service development). 

She worked as hospital and community health social worker in Deniliquin NSW (8000 people) and whilst there was involved in a community development organisation and facilitated new projects – many based on the needs of individuals she has worked. 

Denise began work with the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program in 1993 knowing next to nothing about brain injury and rehabilitation and working with people with disabilities.  She has enjoyed working within a community of interest and creating networks linking people living with brain injuries into their local communities. 

This position has enabled Denise to work across a spectrum of social work practice: individual growth and change; family support; case management; individual and group work; enhancing choices available to people; service development; enhancing the field of knowledge and practice through involvement in research.  It can be seen as generalist practice in a specialist field.

Involvement with INSWABI: Denise has just commenced her third term on the Executive Committee.  She shares the duties of note taker for the EC meetings. Denise has assisted in the development of the Family Outcomes Measure with INSWABI members and is keen to be involved in the development of the Psychosocial Assessment Tool. Denise loves a good management committee that produces results!